Meranjani Trek Nathiagali

From Nathiagali to Miranjani(2960 meters high) is a track of near about 10km ascend and 10km for back. It’s a one day track which is very beautiful. It’s a jungle track. The real enthusiasts can walk up a track starting from the Governor’s House to the top of Miranjani Hill (2960 meters high), a beautiful trek that takes 6 to 7 hours both ways. Nathiagali is home to all major wildlife; various species of birds, animals. Monkeys often come up to hotels, restaurants and guesthouses in search of food and they are very common in Nathiagali. Miranjani is an attraction for hikers. From Nathia Gali it takes four hours to reach the peak via a steep track. Another route starts from the Governor’s House. From Miranjani one takes many short strolls through the pine forests in Ayubia National Park. The peak’s top offers spectacular views. Places easily seen include: Azad Kashmir, Jhelum River (Kohala), Tarbela lake, Abbottabad city, Havelian, and Thandiani. On a clear day the ‘treacherous’ mountain Nanga Parbat can be seen 400 kilometers (250 mi) away.

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